Video Mailers – Revolutionize Your Direct Mail Campaign

Discover how integrating video mailers into your next direct mail campaign can increase engagement and ROI – and leave your audience talking about you.

In today’s everything-digital age, it is a no-brainer that video has become the gold standard in marketing. Video has become one of the top ways that brands are reaching their customers and turning prospects into loyal customers. However, the tried-and-true methods of direct mail marketing still remain effective as ever. Don’t let your direct mail pieces get discarded as part of the noise of every day. Instead, choose a secret weapon that combines the best parts of video and direct mail: video mailers.

is the direct mail LCD video mailer talking to me?

Rise above the direct mail competition with video mailers.

“Wait,” you may be saying “Are you talking about a piece of physical mail with a video in it?”

In short, yes! While it may sound revolutionary and complicated, the technology behind video mailers has been in use for many years. A video mailer is made of a firm, sturdy card stock that holds a small LCD screen on the inside. Most units feature either a 5 inch or 7 inch LCD screen that plays a video as soon as the recipient opens the video mailer. The mailers include button controls to play/pause the video, adjust the volume, and skip between multiple videos.

Imagine – the technology that created those entertaining musical birthday cards bringing your brand’s message to potential clients – through video!

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Video Mailers: A Wow-Factor In a Noisy Market

Here’s a promise: when you take advantage of video mailers in your next direct mail campaign, you will quickly stand out and wow your prospects. Imagine how impressed your potential customers will be when they receive a piece of mail that includes video hidden inside? The wow-factor of personalized video mailers will change the way you engage through direct mail campaigns forever. When you partner with Tangible Video Brochures for your next video mailer, you can guarantee that:

  • When that fully-branded box lands on their desk with a shiny message saying “Video Inside!”, they are sure to open it and share it around the office with everyone – increasing engagement beyond your single recipient!
  • Your video brochure will be a premium product that feels great in your hands. In fact, we include our soft-touch finish on every unit that we produce for your campaign.
  • Everyone on your mailing list will feel great knowing that someone went to the effort of creating this unique item and mailed it directly to them.
  • If you want to go the extra mile, you can personalize a custom video for added impact. For example, include a custom “Hi John, I wanted to introduce…” as the first video. Even a simple sticky note with a handwritten memo goes a long way in adding that personal touch.
what is an LCD video mailer worth?

Video Mailer Pricing And ROI

Just because you are integrating a video system to your direct mail marketing strategy does not mean that you are paying an arm and leg. The cost to produce LCD screens has come down dramatically in recent years, given how many devices we rely on daily. Many people are surprised at how affordable video brochures can be. Check out our pricing guide to learn more.

Just remember – when considering the ROI of a video mailer, the novelty of a video-in-print promotion will pay dividends once the responses start rolling in. 

Shock And Awe Packages

To create an even bigger impact, consider creating Shock And Awe Packages that include Video Brochures. In short, a Shock And Awe Box includes some marketing materials about your brand (like a Video Brochure), some promotional products with your logo on it, and maybe even a treat or two. Read more about how to impress your audience with Shock And Awe Packages.

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Add Video Mailers To Your Next Campaign With Tangible Video Brochures

Are you ready to experience the effectiveness of video mailers for yourself? Tangible is a leading video brochure firm with expertise in putting the power of video in the palm of your hand. With a full-suite of video mailer designs and customization options, the team at Tangible Video Brochures will help through the entire process. From graphic design to video production, Tangible Video Brochures is ready to help your brand reach new customers through groundbreaking video mailers. Contact our team today and find out more!

Want to experience what it’s like to be on the receiving end? Request a free sample and we’ll drop one in the mail to you – no charge!

We Are Tangible

We are a video brochure company in Baltimore, MD. Our team loves creating unique video-in-print pieces for businesses. We’d love to learn about you and your business. Let’s chat.

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