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Video Brochures For Private Schools

For private institutions of higher education, implementing an effective marketing and engagement strategy is a year-round job. As one of the few institutions that feature a constantly rotating door of potential applicants and outgoing graduates-turned-donors, private schools need robust marketing to ensure that their stakeholders stay engaged at almost every stage of life.

Operating in this consumer reality means that private schools need content that is engaging for a variety of demographics and covers many aspects of the institution. Consider this short list of the areas that private schools need to cover in their promotional marketing materials:

  • Attract potential applicants and retain current students
  • Communicate tuition costs to students and parents
  • Drive excitement about current news, future events, and promotional activities
  • Market information to parents, students, and alumni in an entertaining way
  • Build and maintain the school’s brand identity and reputation

Here’s an unfortunate truth about marketing for the private school sector: you can have the greatest teachers and the most outstanding programs, but if you are unable to capture the attention of your audience, none of it matters. With the noise of both private and public schools vying for limited attention spans, your school needs to add something that gives a spark to your marketing strategy.

Ready to discover the secret weapon for making sure your promotional materials and informational content actually reach your target audience? It’s time to add video brochures to your marketing arsenal.

What Is A Video Brochure?

While it may be tempting to do away with your print marketing campaigns in favor of lucrative online media advertising, don’t empty your budget just yet. By adding video brochures to your print mail campaigns, you will add a unique and exciting marketing tool that will wow your recipients.

Video brochures combine the best parts of traditional and digital advertising. A video brochure takes your typical mailer content and upgrades it with a small LCD screen fit into the inside of the material. (Think of those birthday cards that feature audio clips when you open the card!) The same technology brings video to print, allowing an unlimited amount of creativity and customization for any print piece

Case Study: Admissions Video Brochures​

To see how video brochures can upgrade a marketing campaign, consider your school’s admission promotions. It is likely that you send several promotional pieces to prospective students that feature school branding, photos, stats, and an engaging message encouraging students to apply. 

Now, reimagine that same promotional piece as a video brochure. When a student receives the brochure from your school in the mail, they will be instructed to open the document to receive a “special, video message made just for them!” When they open the brochure, the integrated LCD screen begins playing a video. In the video, the President of the school appears on the screen, speaking to the student, telling them why they are perfect for the school, and a personal invitation to visit at the next admissions day. 

If you want to take it one step further, include “Return this video brochure during our next open house for a free T-shirt!” This will do a couple of things. Firstly, it brings prospective students and parents to your campus for a tour – plus they get some apparel and instantly start promoting your school to their other school-aged friends. This also will allow you to reuse the video brochures when they get returned. Of course, they are still inexpensive enough for the ones that don’t get returned – but imagine doubling, tripling, or quadrupling your ROI. 

How many pieces of mail do you receive that are personalized in such a thoughtful way? In marketing, personalization goes a long way in driving results.  Students and parents will be so impressed with the brochure that they will likely share it with friends, family, and colleagues – only increasing the reach of your content! 

When was the last time a piece of marketing took your brand and message that far? Video brochures can get you there with a process no more difficult than ordering print materials.

5 Ways To Use Video Brochures Across Your Full Marketing Strategy

Outside of admissions, there is an almost endless number of ways to use video brochures in your school’s full marketing strategy. Here are five areas to consider using a video brochure to wow your students, parents, and stakeholders:

  1. A Digital Campus Tour From Current Students
  2. Step-By-Step Application Process Walkthrough
  3. Graduation Gift Featuring Congratulations From Faculty & Staff
  4. Acceptance Letters & Sports Signing Announcements
  5. Alumni Donor Fundraising 

Using Video Brochures To Rise Above The Competition​

Private schools face a unique challenge in reaching and retaining students. Not only are they fighting for every quality student in an arena full of other potential schools, but private schools often cannot benefit from federal and state aid that can finance marketing. For private schools, every dollar of a marketing budget matters – so what you choose to reach students needs to be effective and efficient.

If you are looking to step ahead of the competition with your next marketing campaign, consider adding video brochures to your marketing arsenal. Tangible Video Brochures has the expertise and experience you need when starting a video brochure campaign. Contact the team at Tangible Video Brochures today to learn more about the various video brochure options available to private school and education institutions, as well as to discuss a strategy for using video to reach your customers in new and exciting ways.

It’s time to wow your potential students. Contact our team today and find out more!

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