Tips For Designing An Effective Video Brochure

The design of your Video Brochure is crucial in showcasing your brand effectively. You want to make sure that you design it in a way that’s impactful, practical and smart. Here are a few tips to help you during the process.

1. Don’t Overcrowd With Text and Information

It’s important to give your Video Brochure design breathing room. Don’t overcrowd the inside of your brochure with too much information, photos or graphics. This can be overwhelming and also confusing to the viewer. You want just enough information to add to what your video has to say but not more information than the video itself. 

2. Always Include Your Branding

Branding your Video Brochure is key to creating a great design. Use your colors, fonts, logos, tag line, etc. to make sure the brochure is custom to your business. This will not only help the brochure look better but help the customer know more about your business. 

3. Design in Illustrator

For the best results design your brochure in Adobe Illustrator. This will produce a high quality file for great printing. When you finalize your design, outline all of your text and embed all of your photos. You can then export the file as a high quality print PDF. You’ll want to save the outlined version as a separate document in case you need to make revisions to the original. Usually the file will be rather large so you can share it through Dropbox or WeTransfer. 

4. Think About Proportions

It’s important to remember what size your Video Brochure will be as the finished product. Keeping the size in mind can help you design your brochure more effectively. Also, it’s important you know what screen size you want before designing your brochure. Your design may not work if you decide you want a different size later on. 

5. Think About the Finishing Touches

There are multiple finishing touches to think about when designing your Video Brochure. You can get a hardcover or softcover and a glossy or matte finish. You can even get embossing or metallic foil to help bring attention to certain elements. This can impact how you design your Video Brochure so it’s good to keep this in mind.

Tips For Designing a Video Brochure Effectively

This is how the Video Brochure looks when designing versus when it’s printed.

6. Remember The Buttons

Video Brochures have multiple buttons that help it work. There is a volume, play/pause, forward, backward, and numbered video buttons you can use. It’s important to remember that these buttons need space. They also need to have a design in order for people to know what and where to press. Design these buttons with usability in mind and don’t over complicate it. Add Your Heading Text Here

7. Make Room For Speaker Holes

Every brochure needs to have a little space for speaker holes. The template we provide includes the speaker holes and although they can be moved around they can’t be pushed off to the edge. They need space so keep that in mind when designing your brochure. 

8. Future-Proof Your Design

In order to create a versatile Video Brochure, you may want to consider designing it in a way that can be used for multiple purposes. You can change the video content as many times as you want but you can’t change the design. If you want a fully future-proofed brochure you can reuse over and over then try to come up with a minimal design. You can still include some flare and your branding but in order to reuse them in the future they would need to be simple. 

9. Consider Add-ons

If you want to include a lot of written content with your Video Brochure consider a flip out panel or a pocket folder to hold additional paper. You never want to overcrowd the inside with too much information so adding on these features can help with that. A pocket folder could also be a great option for future-proofing your design. 

10. Think About Hand Placement

Although not top of mind, thinking about where a person is most likely to place their hands when holding your Video Brochure can help plan out your design. Although not always important it can still be something to consider if you have small details, font or photos. It’s also easier to press buttons when they are on the right side of your screen as the hand is already there. 

If you have any questions when designing your Video Brochure feel free to reach out to our team. Tangible Video Brochures offers graphic design services for a flat fee if needed. 

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