Shock And Awe Package – Ideas For What To Include

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Shock and Awe Package Ideas

Shock and awe packages are perhaps the most effective way to impress a client or prospect. Through the combination of informative content about your company, combined with engaging surprises, a shock and awe package can really knock the socks off your recipient.

This marketing tool is great for business that are ready to pull out all the stops in ensuring their prospect feels valued and taken care of. With Tangible’s unique video brochures included, a perfectly timed shock and awe marketing campaign can mean the difference between an explosive sale and a loss to the competitor.

What Is a “Shock and Awe Package” and what does it include?

In short, a shock and awe package is a piece of mailed marketing that aims to do just what they say. It’s a box that arrives on a prospect’s desk prior to a sales meeting. The package can include marketing materials, swag, snacks, and a personal touch.

When used effectively, these packages shock the recipient with the amount of engaging content and personality, and leave them in awe that you would go to such lengths to create such a personal piece – for them!

A great shock and awe package will contain a variety of informational pieces that share the story of your brand. It package also include information regarding your products/services they are considering. You’re sure to stand out from your competition when your recipient gets to open up a gift package.

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Include Video Brochures in your Shock and Awe Package

If you’re looking to maximize the impact of your shock and awe package, you should include a video brochure in your box. Video brochures are a physical brochure with an LCD screen on the inside that plays a video when opened. You can learn more about how video brochures work here (the link will open in a new tab so you can continue reading).

Video brochure for a shock and awe package

Aside from being impressive, one of the main advantages to sending a shock and awe package is to educate the prospect on your company prior to the sales meeting. By loading up several videos onto a video brochure, you get to share your company’s message before the sales meeting even begins. This allows you more time during the meeting to talk about the sale.

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Ideas For A Shock And Awe Package

Here are a few great ideas to include in a shock and awe package that will really leave clients impressed. We suggest including at least one item from each of the following four categories.

#1 – Marketing Materials

Include a branded presentation folder that contains essential promotional pieces such as:

  • Video Brochure
  • Business cards
  • Educational resource
  • Books & articles you wrote
  • Press release 
  • Testimonials
  • Fact sheet
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Cover Letter

#2 – "Swag" Items & Gifts

Add branded and practical swag to your box that is personalized to your recipient! Remember – keep it fun, but keep it practical. The more they use the items, the more they get reminded of your company and the awesome box you sent!

  • Pens
  • Koozie
  • Notepad
  • Coffee mug
  • Tape measure
  • Mini flashlight
  • Flash drive
  • Magnet
  • Bottle opener
  • Phone charger
  • Power bank
  • Sunglasses

#3 – Snacks and Edible Items

Everyone gets hungry at work. What better way to impress your clients than with unexpected treats? Add a few non-perishable food items to your boxes that everyone can enjoy. If your client just signed on with you, consider including a bottle of mini champagne to celebrate.

  • Nuts
  • Crackers
  • Famous Amos Cookies
  • Ferrerro Rocher chocolate
  • Popcorn (nice and light!)
  • Candy bars 
  • Swedish Fish
  • Godiva chocolate
  • Beef Jerky
  • Coffee or tea (to accommodate the branded coffee mug!)

Bonus points for including something local – Old Bay Potato Chips and Berger Cookies are great if you’re sending it to someone here in Maryland!

#4 – Personal Touch

Above all else, make sure that you include elements within your box that are personalized to the recipient. Do your research and include fun items that show you really know them. Do they love to golf? Consider including a sleeve of golf balls. A personal touch goes a long way!

  • Handwritten note
  • Custom video message
  • Sleeve of golf balls
shock and awe box presentation

Make It Memorable

Once you’ve landed on a great set of items to include in your personalized shock and awe package, there is still one important step left before you drop it in the mail: presentation

For the shock and awe to really stick, it is important that you consider the presentation style that goes into your package. This final detail will make all the difference between a really impressive mailer and a box full of… stuff. Consider these elements when putting together the final touches of your shock and awe box:

  • Make the box feel like a gift. Everyone loves gifts! 
  • Make sure the package presentation is fun and consistent.
  • Use tissue paper or crinkle paper.
  • Personalize the box with a handwritten message including the name of the recipient.
  • Brand the box with your logo.
  • Give the box a unique name (Swag Box!) to ensure that it’s memorable and identifiable.
  • Nail the presentation and they may even share it on social media.
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When Should You Send Your Package?

Another important part of shock and awe campaigns is knowing when to send them. While a gift is fun any day of the week, there are few times in the normal course of business where a shock and awe package can really seal the deal:

  • Prior to the first meeting with a prospect.
  • Right after a sales meeting – especially if it goes well! 
  • As part of your process for onboarding new clients.
  • A unique gift for existing clients on holidays or birthdays.
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Create Unforgettable Shock and Awe Packages With Tangible

So, have we convinced you that shock and awe packages are the best way to impress a new prospect or client? Just imagine the look on their face when they receive a personalized box full of goodies that shows your company’s investment in their business. 

If you are ready to include video brochures in your shock and awe packages, Tangible is here to help. Tangible is a leader in the interactive direct mail industry with experience developing and implementing video-in-print campaigns that get real results. 

Not only will Tangible help you strategize the perfect package to send to any client or customer, but our unique video mailers will also help you take your package even further. Imagine the look on their faces when they not only get a box full of swag but a brochure with a built-in video screen that displays a personalized message from you! With Tangible’s video brochures in your shock and awe package, you’ll be amazed at the ROI from your next campaign.

Ready to find out why Tangible is leading the way with unique video-in-print campaigns? Contact us today to find out how video shock and awe packages – as well as Tangible’s entire catalog of products – will help you beat the competition today!

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