How To Upload New Videos To Video Brochures

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Why upload new videos?

When you order Video Brochures from Tangible Video Brochures, we pre-upload your video content to every unit. That said, Video Brochures are not static and you are never stuck with the original videos they come with. Maybe you go through a brand refresh or start offering a new service.

That’s why we make it easy for you to update the videos in your Video Brochures. There are a few reasons why you might want to upload new video content yourself:

  • Brand Video Updates/New Content
    • Upload your most current brand videos or recently completed projects.
  • Multiple sets of videos
    • Maybe you have one set of videos that you send to a prospective client, and another set of videos for current clients.
  • Personalization
    • You can record a custom video and load it onto the video brochure destined for a specific person/company.

How to upload new videos to Video Brochures

Make sure the video files will fit on the Video Brochures. If the total file size is less than 256 MB, you’re good. If you upgraded to additional Video Brochure memory, you’ll have even more space to work with.

If the videos are too large – don’t worry! Follow our Video Export Guide to compress your video files.

Step 1 - Delete Existing Files

Plug in the video brochure to your computer using the provided USB cable. It should show up as “Untitled”. Right click on the video content and delete/send to trash.

Step 2 - Empty The Trash

Click on your trash can and empty the trash (for both Mac & PC). This is an important step to fully format the video brochure memory.

Step 3 - Upload New Videos

Simply drag and drop the new video files to the video brochure, or copy and paste them – whichever method you prefer.

The videos will play in alphabetical/numerical order. We suggest naming the files “01_Video”, “02_Video”, “03_Video”.

Voila! Eject the video brochure and check out your new videos!

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