How To Produce Video Content For Video Brochures

Video Brochures may require a slightly different style of video production when it comes to creating the final product. Here are some tips to help you create the best video content for your video brochures and video mailers.

Pre-Production Tips

Shorter Videos

Video brochures allow for as many videos as you need. Creating video content that can be broken down into smaller videos is key to creating an engaging Video Brochure. During pre-production, plan out multiple videos for the brochure to increase interaction and make the content easier to digest. 60-second videos is a good target.


Videos Brochures allow for extra personalization. You can create custom videos for certain individuals or groups. For example, you can create a video where someone greets the viewer by name and personally introduces themselves. This creates an intimate level of customization that will wow the viewer. 


Including a call-to-action is important when creating your video content. You’ll want your viewers to know exactly what to do next. Make sure that your video includes something that will guide the viewer on what that is. This also adds to the personalization factor as you may want different people doing different things.


Another thing to think about when producing video content for Video Brochures is the versatility. First and foremost, you’ll want the videos to work in your Video Brochure, but you can also think about posting them on other platforms. The videos may require a couple of tweaks based on the platform so thinking ahead is a good idea. Create your videos in a way that allows the most versatility.

Post-Production Tips

Intro & Outro

The videos will play sequentially so be sure to keep the intro and outro of each video quick. Bonus points for seamlessly blending them into one another for maximum effect. Dips to white or black are a great way to hide when the videos switch. This will improve the overall video brochure experience. 

Motion Graphics

If you are looking to add motion graphics to your video content then you should consider the design of the Video Brochure. Think about what elements you could add to compliment the design of the brochure itself. You may not want to add certain elements to the graphics if your brochure already has it. 

Audio levels

We recommend reducing the master volume by -6 db to -10 db for clear audio. We will send you a video brochure sample, so feel free to use that to upload some test videos.

Export Instructions

Exporting your videos correctly is crucial for making your video content look the best on your Video Brochures. Depending on your experience level, this can sometimes be tricky. We created a blog post all about exporting video – and as always, we’re here to lend a hand.

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