Video Brochure Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Video brochures can be updated with new videos using the included micro USB cable. It’s easy to do yourself.

If you have your own design team, no problem! We’re happy to provide you with a design template. Otherwise, our team offers Video Brochure design starting at $195. 

If you're creating the design yourself, we created a guide with some tips and tricks specific to designing Video Brochures. Check it out!

If you need videos produced for you video brochure, we coordinate with our internal production company, Dew Point Media, to make the whole process seamless.

Great! You are one step closer to impressing your audience with video brochures. Follow this guide for how to export video files for video brochures (it's easy and we'll help).

3 buttons are reserved for play/pause, volume up, and volume down. This leaves Standard Video Brochures with 3 buttons for videos, and Premium Video Brochures with 5 buttons for videos. Additional video buttons can be added for just $1 each.

Yes. We supply one micro USB cable with each video brochure for charging.

Generally about 2 hours of continuous playback. However, most videos are much shorter than that. You will get plenty of use out of each unit before needing to charge them. Video brochures will hold a charge for 6+ months before needing to be topped off.

Video brochures come with 256MB of memory. This is enough for up to 15 minutes worth of video. The memory can be upgraded when placing your order if your videos are longer.


This guide gives more information on video file size and export settings. It's worth a read if you're planning to provide your own videos.

A great way to extend the reach of your Video Brochures is by asking viewers to pass it along to someone else that may have an interest in your product or service. This can be done easily by adding a note to the back of the video brochure.


If you Request A Video Brochure Sample from us, you'll see an example of this on the back. 

Yes! Our team can label and ship Video Mailers directly to your recipient - all we need is your mailing list.

Video Brochures can cost as little as $25 each. Video Brochure size, quantity ordered, and special upgrades can all impact the price. The average order ranges from $30-$40 per Video Brochure. 

View our Price Guide to compare the cost of different Video Brochure options.

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