Case Study – Insight Leadership Groups


INSIGHT Leadership Groups help business owners and business leaders grow and excel in their professional and personal lives. INSIGHT needed a way to clearly communicate the value of the organization to various individuals.


Configuration – Standard Video Brochures

Quantity – 50 Standard Brochures

Screen size: 5” inch IPS

Cover Style – Softcover

Buttons – 6 Total (3 videos, 3 playback controls)

Finish – Premium Soft Touch

Strategy & Distribution Method

There are 7 facilitators within INSIGHT Baltimore, with each one leading a small peer group. Each facilitator will have brochures to show potential newcomers what exactly INSIGHT is and what to expect to get out of it. After a meeting, the prospective group member will be able to keep the brochure so that they can share INSIGHT’s message with their boss or partners if needed. They will then bring the video brochure to their first meeting, allowing the units to be reused. 

It is important to maintain consistent messaging across all platforms, regardless of who’s sharing the company’s mission and values. Tangible Video Brochures allow all 7 of INSIGHT’s facilitators to deliver the exact same message every time. 


Video production was completed by our sister company Dew Point Media. Production consisted of a ½ day shoot on location in Towson, MD. Dew Point Media edited the following three videos for the video brochure. 

#1 – About Insight Leadership Groups // runtime :30 

#2 – Meet The Facilitators // runtime 1:15

#3 – Member Testimonials // runtime : 1:15


INSIGHT Baltimore is thrilled with the success of their video brochures. They plan to re-order when more are needed.


Couldn’t have been an easier process. Everything from graphic design to video production was completed by the same great team right here in Baltimore! We’re ordering more very soon.

         Mike Tich, Owner INSIGHT

These video brochures are an amazing sales tool, not just in the gee-whiz factor but in the way they make a complex product or service accessible and understandable to prospects. It’s one thing to produce slick-looking videos, and quite another to edit them to effectively tell a story that resists a 20-second elevator pitch. David absolutely nailed both the content and the presentation. We wouldn’t change a thing.

Jim Rafferty, INSIGHT Facilitator
Owner, JMRketing

We Are Tangible

We are a video brochure company in Baltimore, MD. Our team loves creating unique video-in-print pieces for businesses. We’d love to learn about you and your business. Let’s chat.

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