8 Tips For Creating a Great Video Brochure

Video Brochures are a great investment in your company’s marketing strategy. In order to make sure you create a great Video Brochure for your business consider the following.

1. Have a Concrete Plan for Use

When designing your Video Brochure you will need to know how you want to use them. Do you want to send them to potential clients? Do you want to use them in the waiting room of your office? Video Brochures have tons of uses so make sure you know exactly how you want to use them so you can design them correctly.

2. Include a Call To Action

An important thing to consider when creating a Video Brochure is your call to action. You’ll want whoever is watching your Video Brochure to know what to do next. Think of something that will really motivate your viewer to really maximize your ROI.

This can be done in the video itself, or on the design of the Video Brochure like in this example.

3. Have a Great Design

The design of your Video Brochure is important in not only showcasing your business as professional but informing your viewer correctly. If you don’t have a great design for your Video Brochure your ROI may decrease as people may correlate a poor design with a bad company.

An example of graphic design on a video brochure

4. Make it Shareable

You’ll want to make your Video Brochures something that people want to show others. This means that they need to be captivating and informative so people get excited about your company. The goal is to maximize your ROI as much as you can so having people pass your video brochure along will help. 

5. Customize it to Your Business

Be sure to customize your Video Brochures to your business in every way possible. Not only with your branding, use of colors, and taglines, but what about unique strategies? Can your business offer a free widget or swag item for recipients that come take a tour of your facility? Not only does that provide another touchpoint, but you can re-use video brochures that are returned to you – a win-win!

6. High Quality Video Content

You will need a high quality video that is well produced in order to create your Video Brochure. The video is the centerpiece of the Video Brochure so you need to make sure you have something impressive to share. Our internal production company, Dew Point Media, can help with your video needs. 

7. Choose the Right Features

Need to include extra literature with your Video Brochure? Consider adding a pocket folder. We can also add a flip out panel for even more design space, or a business card slot so your sales team can leave their contact info inside. There are plenty of features available here

A video brochure design with a literature pocket feature

8. Seek Help With the Strategy

Work with a team that has experience in Video-In-Print marketing. Video Brochures are impressive on their own, but the right strategy can be the difference between good results and incredible returns. Everything should be cohesive – from Video Brochure design to the videos on the inside, choosing the right partner can is paramount in ensuring the success of your Video Brochure project. 

We Are Tangible

We are a video brochure company in Baltimore, MD. Our team loves creating unique video-in-print pieces for businesses. We’d love to learn about you and your business. Let’s chat.

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